Terms of Reference

The Investigation into the Transport of Waste into Queensland will be undertaken in accordance with the terms of reference set out below.

The investigation will examine the following questions:

  1. Identify:
    1. what are the financial, regulatory and other incentives for the movement of waste from other States to Queensland landfills?
    2. whether there are any regulatory frameworks in place that would inhibit or affect this movement of waste in state or national regulations?
    3. whether any other jurisdictions in Australia or internationally have dealt with similar movements of waste and, if so, what was the response?
  2. Examine whether regulatory and other reforms could limit or stop the cross-border movement of waste to Queensland landfills and make recommendations on these potential reforms including whether actions may be taken by:
    1. Queensland
    2. local governments in Queensland
    3. the State where the waste was generated
    4. the Australian Government
    5. relevant jurisdictions under a cooperative arrangement.

The investigation is not a regulatory or criminal investigation, and is not expected to detect or investigate criminal conduct. It is expected that the investigation would refer any unlawful activity to appropriate Queensland or interstate authorities.