Driving Lessons Sydney for Beginners – What to Expect?

Taking driving lessons can be nerve-wracking, especially if its your first time. Thats why knowing what to expect in your first set of driving lessons Sydney is the best way to calm yourself. It also guarantees that you will get off to a great start since you already know what will happen.

Day 1 of Driving Lesson

Your driving lesson will commence right after you book for a driving course package and confirm your schedule. It will be the first time youll meet your driving instructor. 

Feeling nervous is natural, so dont try to hide it. Your instructor will guide you along the way, so theres nothing to be afraid of on your first day.

What to Bring

You will bring several items with you during your first driving lessons. Here are some of them:

  • Your provisional (student) license.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Glasses (if you wear them).
  • A jumper
  • A bottle of water
  • Notebook and pen for taking notes.

What to Expect on Your First Driving Lesson?

driving-lessons-sydneyOn your very first driving lesson, expect to not get behind the wheel right away. Your driving instructor will drive you away from the busy streets and into a more appropriate location. Once youve arrived, he will then switch seats and start teaching you the fundamentals of driving.

Heres what youre going to do in your first driving lesson:

  • You will learn the cockpit drill.
  • You will be introduced to the car’s controls.
  • You will learn about clutch control (if youre driving a manual transmission).
  • You will learn how to stop and move forward safely.

Brief Walkthrough of Your First Lesson

Your Instructor Will Check Your Student License

Before your lesson starts, your driving instructor will make sure that you have your provisional driving license. This license will serve as proof that you are legally allowed to learn and practice driving. Your instructor will only check your provisional license on the first day. But you will still need to bring it with you in all of your driving lessons Sydney.

You Will Find the Right Place to Learn

Depending on where your driving instructor picks you up, you may not be able to jump behind the wheel right away. If you live in an area with heavy traffic, your instructor will keep you in the passenger seat until he finds a quiet place for you to get started.

Learning the Cockpit Drill

The cockpit drill involves setting up the cars seat and mirrors correctly and having them ready for driving. It may sound simple, but many drivers tend  to overlook this process. Your instructor will make sure you will not forget to do the cockpit drill in all of your lessons.

Starting with the Basics

Again, dont expect to drive right away. Your instructor will have to teach you the basics before you even start driving. Your first driving lesson will focus on the fundamentals of driving. The instructor will introduce you to all the controls, and you may even learn how to move and stop.


These are everything you will need to know before your first driving lesson. Once you get the hang of things, you will proceed to more advanced topics. Always pay attention to the road and listen to your instructor at all times. Good luck!