BalingTwine Silage Wrap Features and Benefits

A silage wrap, or bale, is a large, wicker basket that can store and protect the plants that are being grown for consumption. In countries such as Japan, farmers plant their crops in underground soil, but it still takes months to harvest the crop, and many farmers still opt for wet BalingTwine silage wrap techniques to protect their crops. The Japanese have been using this method of protection for hundreds of years. Still, it is only recently that westerners have begun to adopt this technique to alternative chemical pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

To use a silage wrap, you need to have a large, free-standing base covered with hay or straw so that the gardener can get the plant to produce what he needs from it. The size of the bale will determine how much silage you can expect to receive from it. Generally, a square-shaped bale is best for covering up forage for the spring and fall seasons. However, if you plant annuals, you can opt for a much larger base that extends several feet across in either direction or even diagonal if your garden space allows it. The cost will vary depending on what materials you use for your bale.


Once the bale is ready, you need to ensure that it is properly set into the ground to keep it in place. BalingTwine silage wrap bales are designed to be placed tightly, without gaps, and no airtight seal should be present as moisture will expand the material if left in place long enough. It’s essential to get the ball in place before the first rains to allow the design to secure the plant and its produce correctly. You can increase the amount of time that it takes to set your silage bales in place by putting the ball directly onto the soil, which will allow it to secure even better.

If you live in an area with high winds or heavy rain, you may want to consider using a silage wrap around a trellis. This will provide a sturdy support system for vines and other landscape structures by preventing the penetration of the weather elements. High-quality trellises can support and grow plants efficiently for years, even decades, with virtually no maintenance. With trellises supported by a BalingTwine silage wrap, you can create a functional structure that serves a dual purpose: a decorative element and a functional shelter from the elements. The wrap barriers will also keep pests out by creating a solid barrier between them and the root systems of the plants.