Choices For Your Brass Kitchen Handles

As you renovate, refinish, or upgrade your kitchen’s look, enhance the functionality and style of your appliances with brass kitchen handles from Horton brass and other solid brass pulls in Horton brass. All kitchen handles are handcrafted by hand using a coal forge, a hammer, and a lathe. They are then finished to accept a wide variety of polish designs and stains. Brass kitchen handles come in a large variety of finishes, including Polished Brass, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black Nickel, Porcelain, and more. These kitchen handles are both durable and stylish. It is no wonder that many professionals and homeowners choose to use brass kitchen handles.

When choosing the ideal LoAndCoInteriors brass kitchen handles for your cabinets or drawers in your kitchen, consider the following: Is there a lot of moisture in the air in your kitchen? Does your kitchen get a lot of use? Are you concerned about the environment? If so, you will want to choose one of the many high quality, affordable, and long-lasting deluxe brass kitchen handles available today.

For a kitchen that receives a lot of moisture, you may want to consider using treated brass kitchen handles. Treatment options include sanding and anodizing, which not only makes the handles stronger, but they will also resist corrosion over the long haul. In addition, an anodized finish will ensure that your cabinet doors are rust-free. This treatment option is also much easier on the environment than a natural, untreated brass handle, which is more environmentally damaging.

The question of function versus aesthetics should be answered by looking at the cabinet hardware in your kitchen. Do you have lots of cabinetry? If so, you will need solid brass pulls. This type of brass can be polished to create a mirror effect or hand-rubbed to create a shiny, mirror-like appearance. Regardless of which look you prefer, you will be pleased with the high quality of solid brass kitchen handles.

If you’re not particularly concerned about function, you may opt for brass drawer handles. Since brass looks excellent and provides a solid foundation, it is a very stylish choice for your cabinet hardware. There are two significant brass kitchen handles to choose from: full-bodied brass or oil rubbed brass. Full-bodied brass sets have a wide, flat handle and can be polished to match the rest of the room. They are easy to recognize and easy to use. You won’t have any problems finding a brass drawer handle to match your other pieces of furniture, but oil rubbed brass knobs are available in both full-bodied and oil-rubbed styles.

Antique brass kitchen handles are an attractive alternative to the more modern materials and designs. The antique brass finish still has that “brass” look but has been finished and protected through a process called rubbing. This finishing allows the metal to breathe, adding to its durability and beauty. So when it’s time to replace your handles, think about investing in antique brass kitchen drawer pulls.

In addition to their beauty, brass kitchen handles provide a helpful connection between the front of your cupboard and the back. Front doors make use of brass, so do the insides. It makes sense then to use brass knobs on the back of your fronts. Some of the most common uses for an antique brass finish are indoor surrounds, drawer fronts, faucet pulls and soap holders. The texture also adds visual interest to the overall design of the handles.

These handles look great in older kitchens. If you’re ready to upgrade to something more up-to-date, try brass knobs and pulls on the backs of the fronts of your cabinets and kitchen counters. There are many more options than those highlighted here, such as polished brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, chrome, and others. Explore your options and find the perfect ones for your kitchen.