Impact of Silage Wraps in Modern Agriculture

The terms silage & net wrap has been around for hundreds of years but only in modern times has it become as popular as it is today. Agricultural machinery such as the silage roller and the silage separator, as well as various other pieces of equipment, have been developed to help farmers and ranchers store and control the large volumes of wet, hard leaves, straw, sawdust and other materials that fall from trees. The traditional method of farming involves ploughing and cultivating the land to create a vegetable garden. However, with the advent of modern technology and the availability of improved breeds of crops, farmers can now grow both edible and non-edible crops in large quantities without the use of soil fertilizers and pesticides.

Today’s farmers face many challenges, but one of the most important is the increasing pressure to produce crops faster than their natural biological clock can keep up. Increasing production demands an efficient way of gathering the harvest from the field. The traditional method of ploughing the land and cultivating the crop by hand is quickly being replaced by pieces of machinery such as the silage & net wrap. The silage wrap can help farmers conserve valuable time on the field by wrapping up the bales of hay or straw that have been stored in barns and freezers until the next season.

silage-wrapThe silage wrap allows the farmer to inspect the crop for potential contaminants and disease. In many cases, silage wraps can be used to supplement animal feeds. Some of these animals are chickens, turkeys and even rats. These large animals need a high protein diet to maintain their energy levels. The silage wrap is an excellent source of protein for these animals because the wrap can soak up moisture, which in turn slows down the rate at which food breaks down.

Many farmers can save money by using silage & net wrap. The silage wrap can also store moisture for days after the bale has been harvested. This can help farmers avoid having to pre Harvest hay that would sit around to collect moisture which can cause problems with a silage system.

The silage wrappers are made from an all-natural product which means it does not contain any chemicals or pesticides. This makes it safer for humans to consume. However, some plants are harmful to humans when consumed. You should check with your local authorities before consuming any plant or animal matter. When you find one you like, ask your local agriculture agent for more information about net wraps and bales.