Granny Flats Adelaide – Why It’s a Smart Investment

There are many good reasons to back the idea of constructing granny flats Adelaide, including the following: You get the maximum use of the available space; you keep the whole family close together; you do not need a house lot for the construction, and you can build it at a cheaper cost. Also, adding a granny flat onto your property essentially means that you have that much-needed additional accommodation for your extended family. For example, you might have a few close friends, relatives, or parents coming over for a few months to spend some time at your lovely place. In this case, they will not have to share a room with somebody else, which might not be possible if they stayed in a hotel. In addition to this, having a house extension provides you with additional living space, thereby providing you with more working space. This ultimately increases your productivity levels.


When constructing granny flats Adelaide, there are several decisions that you will need to make. Firstly, you must decide upon the floor area of the apartments that you want to construct. If the plan is to create a series of small apartments, you need to carefully consider the amount of space you will need to cover. You do not necessarily have to follow the traditional planning convention whereby every square meter of space in the flat will be utilized. However, by selecting a granny flat design that utilizes a large part of the flat area, you can save quite a bit of money.


The next decision you need to make concerns the location of the granny flats Adelaide. If you live close to the city, it will be easy to take your family and friends out for a meal. However, if you do not live close to the city, locating your flat on private land will be more convenient. This way, your guests will be able to feel at home while relaxing in your lovely and spacious home.


The third most important decision when choosing granny flats in Adelaide is related to the type of accommodation you will afford. The cost of purchasing this type of accommodation depends largely on your financial status. If you are in a good financial position, you may make a significant deposit towards the purchase of your house. Alternatively, you may be eligible for a substantial discount from the current market value of the property. On the other hand, if your financial position does not allow for a large enough down payment, you may be able to rent a property on the market.